Advice from past participants

  • Show respect for the property of others
  • Respect others' quiet times
  • Respect roommates by keeping your personal area neat

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Jenita McKay: "Don't be assertive about how you think something should be done. This is their plan and we are the workers. Be flexible.  A smile speaks in any language. Don't be afraid to test out your poor Spanish skills. 

Shannon Guillot: "Prepare yourself spiritually. Be covered in prayer and cover others in prayer. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

"Laugh at yourself. Don't be afraid to try to speak Spanish.  Have an incredible time serving others.

"Don't look at this as a chance to help 'those poor people in Mexico.'  In many aspects, they are rich!  Just because we have more 'stuff' does not mean we are better Christians."

Denise Bundenthal: "Each night when we returned to our room, we recorded a audio journal of the day's events, feelings, tastes, etc. We were too tired to write in a journal each day, but we could 'converse' about the day. It's a cool keepsake for our family.

"Take lots of pictures and talk to your pastor, youth group, or local Christian School about a chance to share your experiences when you get home. Never keep a positive missions experience to yourself! 

"We assumed that Mexico would be MUCH warmer than Michigan. We should have packed warmer clothes.

"Bring as many items for ministry as you can. We brought tools, clown costumes, balloons and pumps, Bible School craft materials,prizes/toys for the children, and a bag full of medical supplies. We packed these items in zippered luggage 'bags' so on the way back home we could fold them up for packing into our other suitcases."

Jim and Pat Armstrong: "Carry a few pop-top cans of fruit or jello, but be sure you eat in secret. It might cause a riot among your fellow workers! (smile)

"Take clothes that you can leave behind and include some children's clothing and small toys. A huge bag of Tootsie Rolls goes a long way. Take extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, zippers, buttons, needles and thread. These can be stuffed into your spare shoes in the ONE suitcase you're allowed to take. (smile)"

Jamie Baldwin: "Be prepared to be changed. Also don't forget your socks and warm clothes for church on Sunday morning."

J.R. Pearson: "Don't nit-pick the faults of your room mates. Everyone has faults and little irritating habits. Criticizing your room mates over petty things makes things miserable for everyone. Try to be tolerant and remember the purpose for being there."

Katie Steel: "Go expecting God to begin and continue a great work in you."

Tammy Thompson: "Take lots of candy and simple VBS supplies. Keep crafts simple, but fun. Take paper plates, glue, glitter, markers, glitter paints and pens, small paper sacks for goody bags and lots of small items for treat bags and lots and lots of candy!"

Jeannette Singleton: "Being a teacher, I carried a small smiley face stamp. On Saturday afternoon, I took it to the job site and stamped the hands of the kids. After we left, they said others came looking for the lady with the "smiley face".They told them I would be at church the next morning, and for them to come to church. At church next morning, even adults lined up to get a smiley face stamped on their hand."

Mike Davis: "Keep three words in mind:

  • Flexibility
  • Participation
  • Anticipation (Anticipate what God can do through you!)"

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