College of Teaching & Learning

College of Teaching and Learning at Southern Nazarene University

The College of Teaching and Learning at Southern Nazarene University generate, apply, and disseminate knowledge about enduring issues in education, such as improving student achievement in all schools and meeting critical teacher shortages.


School of Education at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany OklahomaSNU’s Education Department gets calls every year from area schools looking to specifically hire one of our graduates. That’s because we prepare our students to be the best educators. And with innovative learning programs, highly-qualified faculty and scholarship opportunities, what more could you ask for? Click around to see all we have to offer and while you’re here, go ahead and schedule a campus visit—we’re ready to meet you and make your dreams a reality.

Current and archived Southern Nazarene University academic catalogs.  


Welcome to the McNair Scholars Program at SNU! We prepare SNU undergraduates for doctoral studies through involvement in research and scholarly activities.

General Education is the core of every student's educational experience at SNU. As a Christian liberal arts university, SNU expects its students to engage broadly in learning the knowledge and skills fundamental to be Christian person sand leaders in the communities in which they live in a work in the twenty-first century. 


Southern Nazarene Honors prepares gifted scholars to serve the world around them. Our program is designed to stimulate creative, interdisciplinary analysis, facilitate student-faculty mentorship, and enable high quality undergraduate research that will carry the student beyond graduation.

Online learning at SNU.  Our faculty and staff are committed to making your online learning experience with SNU the best it can be.....Right Now!


Students at Southern Nazarene University have many opportunities to be actively involved in research opportunities as a part of an enriched academic experience and pursuit of knowledge in the chosen fields of study. Our faculty often work together with students in a mentoring relationship to explore together what they may discover through research.

The CGE is here to help SNU students identify, make application for, and participate in off-campus academic programs that will help prepare and equip world Christians for service in an expanding global culture and economy.


The Academic Center for Excellence seeks to facilitate transition to the university environment, provide access to resources, and assist in the pursuit of academic excellence.

L.I.F.E. Student Support (is fully funded by a federal grant through the U.S. Department of Education and the TRiO program. Southern Nazarene University’s L.I.F.E. program is one of over 900 programs across the country.

L.I.F.E. helps eligible students successfully complete their post secondary education by providing a foundation for overcoming academic, personal, and cultural barriers to higher education.



Our mission is to transform lives through higher education in Christ-centered community. As a Christian community of scholars, we model the heritage, resources, and practices of the Christian Faith as we prepare non-native speakers of English to function to the best of their ability both academically and socially at any university level.