Departmental Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

Students may directly contact their department for scholarship information. Some departmental scholarships are reserved for upperclassmen and graduate students. Clicking on highlighted department names will take you to information about departmental scholarships, as available.  Scholarships are availabe to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

Department Phone Chair/Email
Professional Studies


Alumni 405.491.6312 Kendra Thomson, Director of Alumni Relations

Academic Athletic 405.491.6339 Bobby Martin, Athletic Director


Business, School of 405.491.6359 Tom Herskowitz, Chair
Computing & Info. Systems 405.491.6362 Jim Tabers, Chair
Education, School of 405.491.6317 Dr. Rex Tullis, Chair
English 405.491.6328 Dr. Peggy Poteet, Chair
Graduate Level


History, Politics & Geography 405.491.6389 Dr. Bob Lively, Schol. Chair
International Students
Mathematics 405.491.6364 Dr. Lee Turner, Chair
Modern Languages 405.491.6354 Dr. Ken Bryant, Chair
Music, School of 405.491.6345 Dr. Phil Moore, Chair
Nursing, School of 405.491.6663 Peggy Hampton, Chair
Psychology 405.491.6323 Dr. Dorothy Stasser, Chair
Sciences, all departments 405.491.6372 Sherri Stipes, Administrative Assistant
Speech Communication 405.491.6328 Pam Broyles, Chair
Sociology 405.491.6376 Dr. Linda Wilcox, Chair
Theology & Ministry, School of 405.491.6368 Dr. Hal Cauthron, Chair