Donor partner levels:

  1. Visionary partners
       $1000 - $5000
  2. Investor partners
       $500 - $999
  3. Supporting partners
       $100 - $499
  4. Encourager partners
       $1 - $99
Donate now

 We need your help changing lives on Commission Unto Mexico.  

Commission Unto Mexico is supported by several partnerships. SNU works with district NYI and NMI organizations to:

  • Publicize the trip in local churches and district events
  • Recruit participants
  • Generate prayer and financial support
SNU partners with the Global W&W Office, the Mesoamerica Regional office and leaders in the Mexico North Field office to:
  • Choose each year's location
  • Do on-site preparation
  • Provide insurance coverage
  • Publicize the event across the denomination

Opportunities to give

There are also individuals who support the trip financially. We have regular donors who annually give $500 to Commission Unto Mexico; others give larger amounts.

Would you join us as one of our prayer partners? Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation to our trip. Your dollars will keep the costs low so that more people can participate.       

    1. Construction materials fund
    2. Medical supplies fund
    3. Scholarships for people who struggling to come up with the funds to go
    4. "First-time Pastor" scholarships to enable pastors and their spouses to go on their first Work and Witness trip

Need more information?

E-mail us:

Write us: Commission Unto Mexico, Southern Nazarene University, 6729 NW 39th, Bethany, OK 73008