Study Physics at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany Oklahoma

Undergraduate Research

"REU" denotes "Research Experience for Undergraduates" program, sponsored at public universities by the National Science Foundation.  SNU physics majors who have participated in research include:

2013  Mo Niazi Solubility Experiments with Litigated Gold Nanoparticles
Kansas State University REU
2012 Jordan Dawson  All Things Astronomy: Eclipses, Transits, and Education
SNU Summer Physics REU 
2011  Bre Simmons  Potato Cannon Physics
SNU Summer Physics REU 
2011  Ryan Elmore  Weather Station with LabView, Vernier SensorDAQs and Probes
SNU Summer Physics REU
2010 Trevor Meeks The Mechanics of Wound Healing in the DrosophilaEmbryo, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
 2010 Kristen Johnson   Minimum Moments of Inertia,
SNU Summer Physics REU
 2010 Nathan Adams   Terminal Velocity Lab Activities,
SNU Summer Physics REU
 2009 Aaron Cabe 

NASA Fellowship, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX

 2009 Alex Henderson  Development of Introductory Astronomy Laboratories, 
SNU Summer Astronomy REU
 2008 Aaron Cabe  REU, Baylor University, Kuiper Belt dynamics
 2007 Curtis McCully   REU, University of Oklahoma, active galactic nuclei
 2006 Cheri Hall   Development of General Physics Laboratories, SNU
 2006 Curtis McCully   Internship with Gravity Probe B experiment,Stanford University
 2005 Curtis McCully   NASA Space Camp, University of Oklahoma
 2003  Drew Overholt  REU, University of Oklahoma, theoretical atomic physics