School of Education Promotes New Student Organization

BETHANY, OK (March 19, 2013) - Friday, March 8, 2013 marked the official beginning of a new organizational group sponsored by the School of Education.

The “Young Early Childhood Professionals” is a group open to all Early Childhood majors in Education and those who are seeking dual certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. The purpose of this new group is to provide extracurricular activities for these students that will enhance their educational studies and promote opportunities for positive relationships and interaction within the major.

To begin the new organization’s activities, nine teacher candidates participate in a field excursion to the Wondertorium Children’s Museum in Stillwater, OK. Leaving early in the morning last Friday, they traveled to Stillwater, toured the museum in the morning and had some “hands-on” exploration of the exhibits.

The Wondertorium is a children’s museum which provides hands-on, interactive exhibits and playscapes in a 10,000 square foot exhibit space. For information about this new organization or how you can become a member, contact Dr. Mary Eskridge, School of Education, 405-491-6644 or

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