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Your gifts to the SNU Fund make the difference for our students.
They always have. They always will.

The SNU Fund supports scholarships and financial aid, helps keep the core academic program robust and current, and funds research programs and other hands-on learning experiences. It pays for initiatives that keep the University moving forward.

It allows SNU to address priorities in areas of greatest opportunity, giving the University the means to respond to changes in the economic and educational landscape in ways that best serve our students.

Donors who make leadership-level gifts annually to the SNU Fund are members of the President's Circle, a prestigious circle of alumni, parents and friends. Learn more about the President's Circle.

The SNU Fund is the cornerstone of the University's Annual Giving program. Annual gifts from alumni, parents and friends go toward college costs in the year they are made.


Because of generous giving through the SNU Fund students receive scholarships, tuition increases are kept in check and the educational environment is kept to the highest standard. In fact each student receives benefit through funds raised through the SNU Fund.

The Impact of A Gift

When you were in school whether you knew it or not someone was giving for you through The SNU Fund. Who will you impact through your giving?

Tamara Wallace (pictured above) a Junior Music Ministry Major from Lubbock Texas tells how she has been impacted by SNU Fund donors!

"From the time I first felt God's call on my life I had dreamed of attending SNU. But being the daughter of a pastor and knowing some of the financial struggles that are part of that heritage I had finally given up and relented to attend a state college. With the call of God on my heart and the need to prepare for His service we visited the campus with only the slightest of hope left alive. I had come to audition for a music scholarship and it was there doors began to open. We were told about the SNU Promise scholarship, assistance for Pastor's children, Church Matching scholarship and other opportunities. What had begun as a near hopeless dream had now become the answer to my prayer. My heart's desire is to serve God with excellence; that demands proper preparation. These scholarships not only allowed me to prepare in an environment that develops my call but also afford me the privilege of study in a community with students of like heart. Without the scholarship program an education at SNU could never have been any more than a dream."

Your contribution to The SNU Fund makes an immeasurable difference in the lives of each SNU student!

For more information contact April Black, SNU Fund Coordinator, at or 405-491-6617.

Interested in multiplying your gift to the SNU Fund? Click here to search our list of corporate institutions and see if your company will provide a matching contribution.