Storm Surge Frequently Asked Questions

What is Storm Surge?
Storm Surge is a priority pre-enrollment event. Traditional undergraduate students (freshmen and transfers) will meet with academic advisors* to select fall semester classes, receive student IDs, complete residential housing contracts, confirm laptop selections, gain access to monthly payment plans, and receive information about New Student Institute (NSI). Faculty will work with students to blend required classes for the students major and students desired electives, keeping in mind, the goal of graduating in four years.

How long will it last?
Storm Surge runs from 9:00 a.m. until approximately 2:00 p.m. You must attend the entire session in order to be enrolled in classes and receive your student ID.

How do I sign up for Storm Surge?
Registration is open online at If you have trouble signing up online, please call the Admissions Office at 405-491-6324, and we will sign you up over the phone.

What will I leave with at the end of the day?

  • Your course schedule
  • Your SNU student ID card
  • Your completed residential housing contract (if applicable)
  • Your dorm room schematic
  • Information about New Student Institute (NSI)
  • Confirmation and selection of your FREE laptop (or option to pay for a laptop upgrade)
  • New friendships
  • Excitement about your future
  • Affirmation that you made the right choice by selecting SNU

Can my family attend?
Family members are highly encouraged to participate in their student’s transition to the university. Parents will attend their own session, which occurs at the same time as the student session. Parents will learn about the academic advising process, residence life and housing details, payment plan options, spiritual development, student health services, meal plans, and other important services and activities. Parents will also have the opportunity to sign up for individual appointments with either a financial aid counselor or business officer.

How much does Storm Surge cost?
Absolutely nothing! This event is FREE.

Who is Eligible to Attend Storm Surge?
All new traditional undergraduate students for Fall 2014 who have been officially accepted to SNU, paid their $150 registration deposit, and either filed their FAFSA or signed a waiver declaring they would not file. Transfer students must have submitted their official transcripts and/or current unofficial transcripts, and have either filed their FAFSA or signed a waiver refusing to file.

What Items Would Be Helpful for My Parents and Me to Bring to Storm Surge?

  • Proof of health insurance
  • Immunization records
  • Signed financial aid award letter, if you've not already signed it electronically
  • Copies of transcripts may be helpful to your academic advisor, as he or she helps you build your class schedule
  • $150 Registration deposit, if not already paid

What specific immunizations do I need?
Oklahoma State Law and SNU require four:
(1) Tetanus -- within the last 10 years
(2) MMR (2 doses)
(3) Hepatitis B (3 doses)
(4) Meningitis (required if you'll be living in the residence halls).
For your convenience, these immunizations will be available on campus when you arrive in August.

Who are SNU Faculty Advisors?
SNU's Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deans and Academic Department Chairs assign incoming students to an official faculty advisor based on academic area of interest. This information comes from the online Storm Surge registration form completed by the student.

SNU Faculty Advisors include, as a rule, many of the University’s most distinguished professors. All of them are extremely familiar with the University as a whole, and not just their specific departments.                                            *Please note: It is our goal that new students will meet their faculty advisor at Storm Surge.  However, due to scheduling, that is not always possible.  When this is the case, students will meet with another faculty member from their selected field of study.

When can I register for classes if I cannot attend Storm Surge?
If you absolutely, positively cannot attend Storm Surge, please contact your Admissions Counselor. Not sure who that is? Contact the Admissions Office at 405-491-6324.

What if I have a question not answered here?
Contact your Admissions Counselor, or the Storm Surge Director, Lisa Jones at 405.491-6324 or

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