Student Honors

SNU Honors Program

    Alpha Lambda Delta

        The SNU Honors Program is soon to be a member of this national society of collegiate honors programs.  This is a venue through which our own Honors Program can form connections and ties across the nation at various conferences and serve our community through coordinated efforts of community service projects in conjuction with fellow honors students in the area from other colleges.

Science Department Honors

    Pre-Health Club

         This is an organization through which our health directed major students can come together and fellowship and serve their community.  Not only this, but it serves as the launching platform for both Tri-Beta and Alpha Epsilon Beta.


         Our students have recently joined the national honors society for Biology.  Students have opportunities to connect with colleges and their students across the nation, and through these opportunities present their research.

    Alpha Epsilon Delta

         This is the national honors society for Pre-Med students.  With this honor society, our Pre-Med students have access to many preparatory resources for medical school, and through this program our students can get special access and form ties with medical schools across the nation.