Students Support the Homeless Through Weekly Run

BETHANY, OK (March 4, 2013) - Freshman Aaron Taylor has taken it upon himself to help raise funds for REACH theme housing by hosting a weekly running event named the Jericho Run.

The Jericho Run is a weekly four mile run created to help raise money to help the REACH theme house that reaches out to the homeless in OKC by each runner finding their own sponsor(s) who donate money for each mile they run. The run takes place every Saturday at 4:00 pm starting in front of Snowbarger Hall.

Theme housing is a program that is designed to bring together students who have common academic or extracurricular interests and give them the opportunity to live together. Each of the two theme houses chose a theme and then work to educate their community about the chosen theme. During the 2012-2013 school year, the two theme houses are REACH, which works towards helping the homeless of OKC and SPEAK, which strives to put an end to human trafficking and educate others on how they can help.

"The Jericho Run is an amazing encouragement to the REACH Theme House because so many people are supporting our ministry financially and going downtown every Saturday at 1:00pm to see the full effects of the money they raise," said Casey Myers, sophomore class president and resident of the REACH Theme House.

The REACH Theme Housing has reaching out to the homeless of the OKC area since the beginning of the 2012 fall semester by taking groups of students to downtown OKC on Saturday afternoons and providing meals to the homeless.

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