100 year old City of Bethany celebrates with a book about Bethany's history

     The city of Bethany, Oklahoma is 100 years old this year.  In order to commemorate this anniversary, there are several celebrations in the city marking the 100th year of Bethany.  A book about the City of Bethany's history is in the works. The books, planned for delivery in December 2009 will include the history of the town, individual families, churches, schools and businesses.  Every business, church, family and school is allowed 500 words and one photograph--for free!  


Recording your family history in the book about Bethany won't cost you or your family any money.   If you have more than one generation in your family who lived here, you will receive enough space at 500 words and one photo to cover each generation. 

There is a July 4 deadline to submit your stories and family photograph scanned at 300 dpi.  You may submit photos and stories via email to Marcia Feisal, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) assistant professor and interim chair of the Art and Design Department at SNU at mfeisal@snu.edu.  Place the words "Name Family History" in the subject line. 

A booth will be available at the Bethany Centennial Freedom Festival at Eldon Lyon park on Saturday, July 4 - if you want to drop the family history off there.   The opportunity to purchase a copy of the book will be available for only $45. 

To order a copy, or to find more information about the book and the order forms online visit www.bethany100.com

Centennial Celebration 2009-2010 sponsors:  City of Bethany,  Bethany First Church of the Nazarene,  The Children's Center and Southern Nazarene University.  Visit www.bethany100.com to see the full list of community partners.