About Commission Unto Mexico

What is Commission Unto Mexico?

Commission Unto Mexico is a short-term mission trip experience in northeastern Mexico that is organized by Southern Nazarene University and Nazarene church leaders in the four-state region of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.  

To participate . . . 

  • You do not have to live in one of those states to participate.  
  • You do not have to have a connection to Southern Nazarene University (such as being a current or former student or a faculty or staff member).  
  • You do not have to be a member the Church of the Nazarene.  

Commission Unto Mexico is a family-friendly, low-cost trip that welcomes people of all ages.

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Do past participants recommend the trip?  They certainly do.  Read here testimonials and news reports of other people's experiences.

What will we do?  Check out our trip's typical schedule to see what's in store for you. We'll be doing some construction, evangelism, sports outreach, and even medical missions. You can even read about the missionaries that we will be serving with while we are in Mexico.

Where will we go?  Since our first trip in 1989, we have gone to several different places in northeastern Mexico. Click here for a listing of this year's ministry sites. Our overall trip goals remain the same from year to year.

How does the word get out?  We need people to promote Commission Unto Mexico in their home churches, in  family circles, in social networks and among their friends. We have publicity material that we can send to you. Just let us know how much you need!

How do I evaluate the news reports about violence in Mexico?  Coahuila state, the area where we are going, is virtually free from the drug-related violence plaguing the border towns and some of Mexico‚Äôs large cities.

One mission organization working in Mexico has said it well:  "Without minimizing real risk where actual risk exists, much of Mexico is still the safe place to visit that it has been for decades . . . as long as people use the same common sense precautions needed for traveling anywhere, precautions that have long been delineated in U.S. State Department bulletins."

That organization also asks:  "Did you know that tomorrow morning, more Americans will visit Mexico by noon than will visit London in a year?"  

In an incident-per-visit ratio, most foreign destinations are more dangerous to visit for Americans than is Mexico. From a statistical point of view, visiting Mexico is safer than visiting many US cities.  For more . . . .