As a SNU student, you are being educated and trained to fill positions in every function, industry, and region of the world--and we are here to help you do it. It is best to visit our office early in your SNU experience--e.g., freshman or sophomore year--to learn what it takes to become marketable upon graduation. For instance, did you know that employers usually hire candidates with 2-3 professional internships/jobs in a related field?

We can help you find a part-time or summer job, write a résumé, gain internship experience, and assist with your full-time employment search.  

Explore the resources within this website, and make an appointment to help move you closer toward your potential!

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Helpful Note

Confused about how to utilize your degree in a career field...... We can help ...... Please read on......

If you are about to receive your degree, or you have already graduated, and you are not sure where you can use your degree in a career choice, check out the link on the left called "What Can I Do With This Major".  On this site, each degree will be listed alphabetically. After you click on your identified degree, you will find 3 columns of information and usually 3-4 pages that may be a helpful resource in making a determination (or confirmation) about a career focus for the degree you are about to receive or have already received in the past.

If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Career Services and Student Employment Office at 405-491-6684 or