Faculty & Staff

Department of Psychology and Counseling Personnel

For information about the program:
Call: (405) 491-6360
or E-mail us at: gpc@mail.snu.edu

Dean, Graduate and Professional Studies
Dr. Davis Berryman

Dean, School of Natural, Social and Health Science
Dr. Mark Winslow

Chair, Department of Psychology and Counseling
Dr. Ron Wright
Phone: (405) 491-6395
E-mail: rwright@snu.edu

Director, Graduate Programs in Counseling
Dr. Paul Jones
Phone: (405) 491-6375
E-mail: pajones@snu.edu

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Counseling, Director of Graduate Research
Dr. Alicia Limke
Phone: (405) 491-6352
E-mail: alimke@snu.edu

Assistant Director - Bethany Campus, Graduate Programs in Counseling
Scott Secor
Phone: (405) 717-6269
E-mail: ssecor@snu.edu

Assistant Director - Tulsa Campus, Graduate Programs in Counseling
Kim Roach
Phone: (918) 970-4631
E-mail: kiroach@snu.edu

Administrative Assistant, Admissions Counselor, Graduate Programs in Counseling
Teresa Hawkinson
Phone: (405) 491-6360
E-mail: thawkins@snu.edu

Assistant Director for Adult Programs
Margaret Rohlmeier
Phone: (405) 491-6685

Financial Aid Assistants
Deanna Lindsey
Phone: (405) 491-6685

Debbie Brewster
Phone: (405) 491-6204