Faculty Sabbatical Activity

Each year, SNU faculty are given the opportunity to request a sabbatical for professional development and scholarship activities. These activities may include research, travel, writing and further study that will benefit SNU in the classroom and beyond. Below is a listing of the faculty who have taken sabbatical leaves since 2001.

Name Academic Area Project Semester
Poteet, Peggy Department of English Assessed programs for a university in Mexico Spring 2001
Banz, Martha Academic Affairs Engaged in professional writing and reading Fall 2001
Lively, Sue Anne School of Professional Studies Researched/developed handbook/textbook for teaching modular course Fall 2001
Tabers, Jim Department of CS/NE Researched upcoming trends for computer science for departmental plan Fall 2002
Williams, Dennis Department of History, Politics & Geography Researched the history of the Savegre Valley, Costa Rica and developed curriculum for the QERC program Spring 2003
Wilcox, Jim Department of English Traveled to and explored locations of literary significance Fall 2003
Wilcox, Linda Department of Sociology Explored multiple cultural health care systems and public policy for Contemporary Social Issues course Fall 2003
Dunnington, Don Academic Affairs Investigated and researched other university academic affairs strategies Fall 2003
Kelley, Dee Spiritual Development Engaged in professional study and reading Fall 2004
Halliday, Nancy Department of Biology Engaged in reading related to Biblical Hermeneutics to engage the discussion of origins and faith Fall 2004
Lively, Bob Department of History, Politics & Geography Read and traveled to areas related to International Studies Program Fall 2004
Bracken, Pam Department of English Read extensively related to areas of spiritual formation for integration into courses Fall 2005
Hutchings-Wedel, Cathy School of Professional Studies Researched and developed assessment/evaluation plan for School of Professional Studies Fall 2005
Feisal, Marcia Department of Speech Communication Completed 2 courses beyond masters in Mass. Comm./Journalism Spring 2006
Keoppel, Kep School of Education Acquired second language proficiency through study and emersion in Hispanic culture Spring 2006
Reighard, Mark School of Music Engaged the cultural arts and taught as a volunteer at a Jr. College in Chiba, Japan Spring 2007
Budd, Phil Department of Psychology Wrote curriculum for training counselors of natural disaster traumas Spring 2007
Wantz, Kenny Department of Mathematics Researched and began writing two academic journal articles related to unitals Fall 2007
Cauthron, Hal School of Theology & Ministry Wrote commentary on the Gospel of John for Beacon Hill Press Spring 2008
Cox, Daryl Department of Chemistry Researched immunilogical defense physiology with leading researchers at OU Full Year 2007-2008
Culbertson, Howard School of Theology & Ministry Facilitated short-term mission opportunities Spring 2009
Michelson, Marty School of Theology & Ministry Research Girardian readings for publication on understanding violence in the Old Testament / explore ideas of justice and righteousness in Israel's identity. Spring 2010
Goodman, Sylvia Department of Kinesiology Post-doctoral degree training at OUHSC in anatomical discplines. Fall 2010
Green, Steve School of Theology and Ministry Work done on biblical commentary of the book of Deuteronomy. Spring 2011
Lively, Sue Anne School of Professional Studies Develop a pilot prior learning assessment plan with the Oklahoma District Church of the Nazarene for ordination course of study for pastors entering ministry later in life. Spring 2011