Literary Tours

Travel with Literary Tours at Southern Nazarene UniversityThe English Department typically offers a literary field studies course every two years at least. Our trips in the past have ranged from a large group going to England or Italy to smaller groups traveling together to St Louis and Hannibal (Mark Twain class) or Natchitoches, LA (Kate Chopin class). We also do larger US trips every few years which have included a New England Literature course centered in Boston, a study of NYC's literature and history as well as the literature of the South which involved visiting several states.

These courses are offered for General Education Windows (upper division) Aesthetics credit or Literature credit. The tuition for the course is covered under block tuition, and the costs of the trip are as economical as we can make them. We always advertise the costs at least a year out so students have time to save. You do not have to be a major to travel with us! In fact, we even typically save a few seats for individuals who just want to travel and not take the course. 
Travel to London, England with Literary Tours at Southern Nazarene University

In our class sessions, we study content from our travel destination. Students work on projects before and after the

trip which will include some researching to be done while we are traveling. The traveling though is clearly the highlight. We visit museums, historically significant sights, go to the theater and have some free time for groups to organize tours according to their own interests.

If you have any questions or are interested, contact the English Department at 405-491-6328.