Paying for Commission Unto Mexico

Don't let money keep you from going on Commission Unto Mexico.

You've heard about our annual ministry trip to Mexico. You really want to go, but your piggy bank is empty and you're low on hope.

So, how do you find mission trip funding?

There is a way.

The Big 75 

Don't concentrate on finding money. Concentrate on building a prayer support network. Find 75 friends and family members who will commit to praying with and for you as you prepare to go on Commission Unto Mexico. Keep those 75 prayer supporters informed of your financial needs, but don't feel like you have to ask them for money.

How do you find 75 supporters? Write a letter to everyone on your parent's Christmas card list. Tell them about the trip and how much it will cost. Ask them to pray for you. For a sample of that kind of letter, click here.

If you know of people who have been on Work and Witness trips, ask them to help you experience what they did.

Begin today to:

Pray- If you believe God would have you go to Mexico during the Christmas holidays, ask Him to make it possible. Find others from your district, dorm floor or class who hope to go and who are willing to pray with you. Ask God for wisdom and creativity in building a prayer support network.

Plan - Start saving for Mexico immediately. By stocking away $30 per week, within 17 weeks you will have saved the entire trip cost. Or,as participant Roberta Ridgway says, "For a trip that costs less than $500, you could save $50 per month and, in a year, have enough for the trip plus miscellaneous money for other needs."

After calculating the additional money you'll need for travel to the city where we'll cross the border and incidental costs, get your creative juices flowing. A little sacrifice now on your part, and the involvement of others, will make that money mount up. The important part is starting now!

Pursue - The way to make a dream come true is to have it affect your daily decisions. So, if you've decided to set aside a specific amount each week, stick to that decision even when tempted to spend part of it for something else.

Want to come up with the money yourself instead of having 75 friends pray it in with you?

Try these tips.

Do you have a savings account? Ear-mark some of that money for Commission Unto Mexico? If you have a part-time job, consider adding a couple of hours a week to your schedule. Or save a few dollars every week from your paycheck.

If you can't work a regular job, take some "odd jobs".

You can...

  • run errands

  • clean houses

  • tutor

  • do yard work

  • work for a temporary help agency

  • babysit

  • collect old cell phones [ web site with more info ]

Team Up With Others
It can be productive and fun to raise money with others. For example, work together with the college group at the church you attend.

Organize a car wash in the parking lot of a store like Wal-Mart. You can ask for a suggested donation from drivers, but the key to success is for each person in your group to find sponsors willing to make a donation for each car washed by the group.

Ten people could do 20-30 cars in four hours. If each person has five $1 percar sponsors, the group could make $1200-$1500 in one afternoon.

Other ideas:

  • hold a garage sale

  • sell pizzas

  • paint houses

  • take inventory for a business

One excellent source of group fund-raising ideas is a book called: Fundraisers That Work

Ask around for work opportunities
Put a notice in the Sunday bulletin of the church you attend. Let the local paper know what you're doing. Sometimes small town newspapers will run a story on something like this. Contact other churches in the area. Generally, people will be enthusiastic about employing you if they know it's for a mission trip.

Home church scholarships
Call your church's missions chairperson or NMI president. Share why you want to go to Mexico and explain the finances you need. Some Nazarene churches already have scholarship funds to help people go on the trip. Others have taken special offerings to help people participate.

Express your appreciation to supporters
When your trip to Mexico is supported by individuals or churches, treat them as if they are making an investment in your spiritual growth.

Investors have the right to know how their stake in you paid off. Report in writing to each sponsor about your experience.

A final word
God cares about you, your plans and your dreams. He is able to provide for you so you can experience Commission Unto Mexico. Make prayer with others an essential and regular part of your efforts. Trust God's faithfulness!

More fund raising ideas
For more ideas on how to raise financial support for "Commission Unto Mexico" and other short term mission trips, click here.

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