Proclaiming the gospel in Mexico

        "A young girl watched in earnest as a teenager manipulated a small, colorful cube in his hand. Pictures appeared almost like magic as he turned, folded, and reopened the cube. As he showed her the pictures, he told a story. It began with man’s sin and how it separates us from God. Then he showed her a picture of Jesus dying on the Cross and explained how that act of love removes our sin. Another picture showed Jesus rising from the grave, and the teenager talked about the new life Jesus brings. The girl listened intently. She’d heard bits and pieces of this story before, but never in a way that was so clear and so visual. When given the opportunity to pray and ask Jesus into her heart, she did so, and another child of God was born again.

        "Scenes like this occur often throughout Mexico. Along with the JESUS film, the EvangeCube is one of the more creative ways Mexican Nazarenes are sharing their faith. As they do so, God is growing His church. [read full article ]"

Article taken from Tim Crutcher's Mexico and Central America: A Tapestry of Triumph ( Kansas City, MO: Nazarene Publishing House, 2008). The full article is the first chapter titled "Mexico".

Commission Unto Mexico history

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  • 1993-94 Monterrey
  • 1992-93 Cuidad de Valles (Huasteca Indian villages)
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  • 1990-91 Cuidad de Valles (Huasteca Indian villages)
  • 1989-90 Mexico City

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