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"As I think back over my Commission Unto Mexico experience, I know that God's hand was over the entire trip. Each day as I had my quiet time I would pray specific prayers... not ways for them to be answered, but specific prayers nonetheless. Each of these prayers were not only answered every day, but also in ways I would never have imagined. There were so many things: Things like every single time that I needed to know what a person was saying when translators were unavailable, I completely understood. Things like the woman who spoke amazingSpanishand English from San Antonio who just happened to be at the first church we went to because she was visiting family, and ended up as one of the members of our team, even riding the city bus for over an hour with her 3 children to come help us at another church. Things like the little old woman who immediately took off her beautiful earring when I told her I liked them, even though they might very well have been the only nice thing she had and handed them to me, saying they were a gift, that if I liked them she should give them to me. These experiences and so many more showed me love in action, and illustrated that what some may call sacrifice is always a blessing if we allow God to be in control. "
"Each night before going to bed a group of us would sing together for hours, praising God for the amazing ways He had worked and will continue to work. One song we often sang was "God of This City". It says that greater things are yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city. God is continually at work, continually claiming, continually orchestrating, continually moving in His people. My Commission Unto Mexico experience reminded me of this."

-- Aubrey Thompson


"I would recommend Commission Unto Mexico. This was the first time I have really seen God in action and that is something you don't want to miss. I always knew that He would provide, but I had never seen so evidently His work.
"One of our translators was unable to come with the medical team last minute. So two medical teams only had 3 translators. My medical team was left with one. At the first site we went to, a woman showed up, who lives in San Antonio, and happened to be visiting her mother-in-law that week. She stayed and translated for us all day. She then showed up again the second day. On the third day we were at a different site and she took four buses so that she could be with us. She felt a part of the group and loved. Not only was God's love shown to her through us, but we needed her and God provided. At the end of the week she accepted God into her life and proudly proclaimed that she has been wiped clean. It was a wonderful experience.
"On the fourth day we were at a site that was more secluded than other sites. The pastor's daughter and husband who live in Texas happened to be visiting. The husband stayed and translated for us all day. That was the day we had about 58 people come to the clinic when we had been averaging about 32 people a day. Without that man, we wouldn't have been able to help so many people. God is good and He provides"

-- Emily Brown


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