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SNU Honors Student Writes Winning Grant

Every year for an Honors Academic writing class freshman create grants for a local underprivileged elementary school. They create the grant, the top grant in the classroom is selected, and it is submitted it to the Lowe's Toolbox for Education Program (TBFE). "I created this assignment in keeping with the Honors Program's goals of service learning and real-world application of academics," said Gina Weaver, SNU's honors director. "The honors students write mock grant proposal [and] Jamie Williams' proposal was selected as the most well-thought out and in-line with the Lowe's TBFE goals and was submitted to the program for consideration." This year Jamie Williams' grant was chosen to be submitted and it was selected to award $4,400 to Council Groves Elementary School for a reading garden to be built. It will "foster creativity and learning while encouraging reading and community," writes Nazarene Communications Network. The elementary school is in the Wester Heights School District in Oklahoma City, where most students receive free ro reduced lunches. "Anything that is different from the normal classroom experience helps our students to learn in different ways," said Council Grove Principal JoAnn Holman. "We are excited about the benches and being able to be outside with the students." The garden is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2012.

- Information and quotes taken from the Nazarene Communications Network