Campus Safety and Security - Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma

Safety & Security Dispatch: 405-491-6309

In an emergency call 911 and specify which building you are in!  (They only have the main SNU address.)

Southern Nazarene University’s main campus is situated in a suburban community of Bethany, OK, which has a population of approximately 24,000 people. Bethany is located on the western side of the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Despite being in a suburban setting, and having a history of low crime rates, the campus is not immune to crime. Becoming aware of potential dangers and taking preventive measures will protect you and help us keep SNU a safe and pleasant environment in which to live, work and pursue an education.

Additionally, SNU has six off-campus sites where undergraduate and graduate programs are offered to working adults in a modular format. Most of these courses are taught at night. These six SNU sites are in Tulsa, OK (Campus changed locations during the 2010-11 academic year), Afton, OK, Calera, OK, Durant, OK, Moore, OK, and Valliant, OK. The addresses are as on the right side menu --->

Throughout the body of this report, information pertaining to SNU-Tulsa will be provided in a distinct notation. Crime statistics for both campus sites appear at the conclusion of the report. Any crime statistics for the classroom sites in Afton, Calera, Durant, Moore, and Valliant would be noted in the category of “non-campus building or property” in the data collection for SNU’s main campus in Bethany.


SNU Department of Campus Security and Safety

The department of Campus Safety and Security and campus administration make continual efforts to reduce crime on campus but your help is needed as well. We believe that a well informed community is better served, and thus safer. Please take the time to read this brochure.

On the main campus in Bethany, SNU has security personnel on duty 24 hours, seven days a week. Their primary responsibility is to provide basic security services such as locking and unlocking campus buildings, maintaining campus parking regulations, assisting motorists, and surveillance of campus property for inappropriate, suspicious, or criminal activity. While not law enforcement officers, they have communication links to the Bethany Police Department, located a few minutes from campus.

SNU and the City of Bethany have an agreement wherein the Bethany Police Department assists the university’s campus security efforts by patrolling campus during “non-committed time.” This mainly involves uniformed police officers driving marked patrol cars, or riding bikes around and through campus, thus providing a supplemental security presence.

Southern Nazarene University-Tulsa is located in leased office space in a multi-storied office building. Security cameras are utilized. The building is locked at 5 p.m. nightly, with access limited to current students and faculty/staff.

Preparation of Annual Safety and Security Report

The Offices of Student Development and Campus Safety and Security prepare this annual report in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act.

In preparation of the statistical portion of this report, SNU utilizes input from a variety of resources. The Bethany Police Department tracks and provides statistics of crimes occurred on and around the university. SNU’s Department of Safety and Security contributes data on crime from their records. The Bethany, Tulsa, Afton, Calera, Durant, Moore, and Valliant Police Departments are surveyed and provide data for classroom sites on reported crimes that are required by the Clery Act.

Additionally, the campus offices/personnel that follow are surveyed for incidents of crime that may or may not have been reported to the local police. These offices and personnel are viewed as campus authorities to whom reports of criminal activity can be made:

     Director of Campus Safety and Security
     Associate Dean of Student Development
     Resident Directors
     Vice President for Student Development
     Vice President for Financial Affairs
     Director of Community Life
     Athletic Director
     Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies
     Director, SNU-Tulsa
     Director of Human Resources
     Faculty members

Information reported by the identified offices will also be used for the purpose of making timely warnings of criminal offenses.

Annually, an e-mail notification is made to all enrolled students, staff and faculty providing the web site address to access this report. Copies of this report may also be obtained at the Office of Student Development, located on the first floor of the Webster Commons, or by calling 405-491-6336.

SNU Professional and Graduate Studies students: At the time of orientation, each student is given an information page containing important information about the safety report and the crime statistics for SNU Bethany, Tulsa, Afton, Calera, Durant, Moore, and Valliant sites. Prospective and current students are provided information as to how to access the full report. Printed copies of the full report are kept in the office and are available upon request.

SNU maintains 24 hour security personnel seven days a week. In addition, Bethany Police patrol the campus hourly. The campus is equipped with a 24 hour dispatch center where students can contact security at any time. Each residence hall is equipped with a controlled access security system; entry to the halls requires a key fob and student ID. Exterior doors and lobby doors are locked for safety. In the event of a fire, activation of the fire alarm disengages the locks. Students will be informed of safeguards and procedures.


SNU Alert! is the emergency notification system that allows authorized SNU officials to send news an instructions simultaneously to individuals through landline phones, cellular phones, text messaging and email. The benefits of this system, provided by BlackboardConnect are its immediacy and direct access to individual campus members through multiple points of contact.

SNU Alert!  is a complement to tools the university already has in place for response to arrange of a range of emergencies that may include weather related closings, environmental health crises, public safety incidents and other unique emergency situations. In the event of an actual emergency the university will continue to relay critical information using the most appropriate option of notification: SNU Alert!, SNU website announcements, university email, door-to-door notifications, posters, local radio/TV stations and/or the university’s main phone line.

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to update their contact information through the emergency notification system site on After logging on, go to MyStuff and select Emergency Notification System (SNU Alert!). Each person can enter preferred contact information for phone messages, SMS text messages and email.