SNU alumnus and noted sculptor Scott Stearman reveals new masterpiece

     Southern Nazarene University (SNU) alumnus and noted artist Scott Stearman (’75) of Colorado recently made his way to Oklahoma to supervise the installation of his new sculpture, “The Blind Man rising from the Pool of Siloam”.   The sculpture was unveiled on Wednesday morning, July 15, 2009 at the Lyon Chapel Fine Arts Center on the campus at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OWU).  The new life size sculpture stands seven and a half feet tall and weighs nearly a half a ton.

Photo by Dr. Randy Thompson of OWU

 “The blindman receiving his sight is no different than a student who, during the course of university study, finds new insight into life, a fresh awareness of the nature of knowledge and is liberated from the chains of ignorance,” said Dr. Randy Thompson of OWU. 

“A Cup in His Name” life-size bronze monument is just one of several familiar works by Stearman that can be seen on the SNU campus in front of the Bresee Administration building.  The life-size bronze monument was commissioned by a major medical center here in Oklahoma City. 

"The hungry hands reaching up and the helping hands reaching down illustrate our responsibility to care for each other," said Stearman. 

Stearman sculptures on the SNU campus include:  Tears from a Grateful Heart, Do as I Have Done, With Wings As Eagles, Dr. Fred Floyd Statue, and a bust of Dr. and Mrs. Roy H. Cantrell

"My desire is that when someone looks at the work I have created over my lifetime, they will see a sincere body of work that reflects the dignity of the human spirit, the glory of God in creation and the wonder of life," said Stearman.  

Scott has established himself as a highly respected master sculptor with his work now being marketed internationally.  

Limited edition replicas of some of Stearman's works can be purchased through the SNU Bookstore by phoning 405-491-6366.

Sculptures can be purchased by contacting:  The Christian Home Gallery or Masters Custom Studio 3440 Astrozon Place- Colorado Springs, CO 80910.  Phone: 800-433-5858.  Fax: 719-391-1127.  E-mail:

If you have questions or comments e-mail Scott at