SNU Faculty and Students Seek to Promote Common Good

     Dr. Marty Michelson and some theology students at Southern Nazarene University are developing a social justice web site and blog designed to help spread good to all.  The web site, and its blog, are being formed to promote the common good in the Oklahoma City area and beyond.  

The name is a combination of Greek words for “good” and “all”.   

“We are still in the very early stages of development and vision casting,” said Stephen Vandervort, SNU student body president.  “We would love to see student involvement grow as we find ways to do some good in our global community.”  Students are being asked to get involved and share ideas on the website and blog.  Dr. Michelson, who wrote the early blog entries, relays information about efforts around the Oklahoma City area, which help to make a difference and spread the common good. 

Michelson’s style of thinking and teaching, which led him to encourage students to get involved, has attracted attention in the academic community.  He has been selected for a three-week academic seminar at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 22 - July 10, 2009.  

The seminar will be directed by Dr. James E. Waller, a scholar in the field of Holocaust and genocide studies, currently visiting professor at the Center of Holocaust Studies at the University of Vermont.  

Of Michelson’s selection, Waller said, “Your selection is a testimony to the important work that you are doing and we will be glad to host you as a participant.” 

The seminar will analyze the moral responsibilities of the church in thought and practice and other topics pertinent to church-state relations in contemporary international affairs, including the genocide in Darfur, escalating violence in Zimbabwe, and the rise of the Russian Orthodox Church as the apparent de facto official state religion.