SNU Honors Student Writes Winning Grant

BETHANY, Okla. (February 12, 2012) – SNU Honors Student Jamie Williams has written a successful grant application to the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Program (TBFE).

The grant, written as part of an Academic Writing class last semester, provides $4,400 to Council Grove Elementary School for the creation of a colorful garden and sitting area that will foster creativity and learning while encouraging reading and community.

Dr. Gina Weaver, SNU’s Honors Director, explains, “I created this assignment in keeping with the Honors Program's goals of service learning and real-world application of academics. The honors students write mock grant proposals to Lowe’s TBFE Program on behalf of Council Grove Elementary. Jamie Williams' proposal was selected as the most well-thought out and in-line with the Lowe's TBFE goals and was submitted to the program for consideration.”

Council Grove Elementary is located in an impoverished area of Oklahoma City with most students on free or reduced lunches. The reading garden will foster a supportive community and provide an opportunity to learn for children who are facing situations of homelessness, abuse and other desperate life situations.

Council Grove principal JoAnn Holman commented, “Anything that is different from the normal classroom experience helps our students to learn in different ways. We are excited about the benches and being able to be outside with the students.”

The SNU Honors program prepares gifted scholars to serve the world around them. The program is designed to stimulate creative, interdisciplinary analysis, facilitate student-faculty mentorship, and enable high quality undergraduate research that will carry the student beyond graduation. By requiring participation in service-learning and cross-cultural experiences, students are taught to lead by example. Honors Program students not only lead the larger community of students around them but nurture a community that values scholarship and service.

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