SNU Mourns the Loss of Zig Ziglar

BETHANY, OK (November 28, 2012) – The campus of Southern Nazarene University is mourning the loss of Zig Ziglar, an inspiring Christian leader, who became a friend of the University in recent years.

Ziglar, age 86, passed away today following a short bout with pneumonia. The best-selling author and speaker, “The Master of Motivation,” Ziglar has been described as “One of America’s Icons,” “the salesman’s salesman” and “A legacy that will forever impact our history.” Helping people to achieve long-term balanced success based on his philosophy of character, attitude and skills, he has impacted more than a quarter billion people and continues to make a difference in the lives of those who act on his philosophy.

Ziglar’s relationship with the University began in 1998 when Zig was awarded an honorary degree. He served as a Commencement Speaker at graduation on December 12, 1998. In 2008, the Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership was founded on campus. The mission of the Ziglar Center was to be an academic center of excellence for the study and practice of ethical leadership. In so doing, the Ziglar Center honors the life and legacy of Zig Ziglar with the vision of developing a cadre of world-changing leaders who think with clarity, act with integrity, and serve with purpose. Since its inception, the Ziglar Center has become the driving force behind Southern Nazarene’s Peer Learning Network. These quarterly programs are designed to help individuals acknowledge their capacity to lead, to build upon leadership skills, and to help motivate others to do extraordinary things.

"How often it is heard, 'Zig Ziglar changed my perspective on my work, my family, my whole life'? Certainly he influenced the lives of many here at Southern Nazarene University. From his motivational tapes provided to our athletic teams, to his appearance as Commencement speaker, to his presentation to our business network, and especially as the person who inspired the creation of the Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership, he impacted our university in significant and positive ways. While we are saddened to know of his passing, our gratitude for his life and faith will endure. What a gift he was to us and to the world," stated Dr. Loren Gresham, President of Southern Nazarene University.

If Zig impacted your life or you would like to leave a message to the family, please leave your remarks on his Facebook page:

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