SNU Online Program Receives Exemplary Review

Southern Nazarene University (SNU) is especially pleased to be the FIRST school achieving an Exemplary Review from Sloan-C.  The Sloan C Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Education Programs is a tool for assessing and measuring the quality of online programs.  Administration of online programs can use this scorecard to evaluate program strengths and weaknesses.

Sloan C offers a Quality Scorecard Review process and certification for member institutions.  SNU is among the universities that have already undertaken the Quality Scorecard Review process and certification.  SNU wanted to ensure it was meeting national standards when developing its first online programs.

Gwen Rodgers, Director, Online Resource Center at Southern Nazarene University, said the review process “enabled us to look at our own programs through a different lens.  The reviewers gave us detailed feedback that highlighted areas where we could improve and validated what we were doing well.”

After going through the review process and receiving exemplary status and certification, Gwen Rodgers said, “It has increased our credibility both internally and externally and we’ve received great feedback from accreditors.”

“Our institution has been strengthened as a result of participation in the scorecard process,” said Rodgers.

For more information on Sloan C Quality Scorecard visit The Sloan Consortium.

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