SNU Students Travel to Holy Land

BETHANY, Okla. (January 18, 2011) - Southern Nazarene University sponsored a Holy Land tour through Israel, Jordan, and Palestine January 3-13, 2011. This 10-day tour led by Dr. Marty Alan Michelson, Professor of Old Testament, went through numerous sites, including: the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives, Nazareth and Jerusalem.

A group of 27 students, faculty, alumni, and friends of SNU were able to be baptized in the Jordan, celebrate the Lord’s Supper while on the Mount of Beatitudes, meet local Christians, Jews, and Muslims from both Israel and Palestine and spend personal meditation time on walks along the Sea of Galilee during this class entitled “Ideology of Land: Jewish and Arab Perspectives”.

"This opportunity to learn about the land of the Bible, and to travel there, is transformational. And, students get to learn about modern issues that shape the social and political aspects of life for Jordanians, Palestinians, Arabs, and Israelis. I am 100% convinced that all participants, but especially those who will go on to teach and preach from the Bible, will forever think about stories from the Bible differently. I have no doubt that this trip shapes and forms each student to be a better preacher, for a lifetime," said Michelson

“ I cannot believe how naïve I was to political issues here in the Holy Land. Furthermore, nearly every story I have read in the Bible has been reimaged for me in a powerful way. Every Christian should make this trip for Biblical perspective and for fellowship with Palestinian Christians,” said student Daniel Chesney, junior Theology/Sociology major.

Those participating were able to gain a deeper understanding of the bible and how their faith is truly lived out. Kerri Porter, senior Urban Ministry major, commented, “Being here in this place has allowed the Bible and my faith to come to life in a new and exciting way. This trip has truly been a blessing and God’s presence is in this place.”

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