Students Head Out for Summer Mission Opportunities

BETHANY, OK (May 9, 2013) - This summer, Southern Nazarene University will be sending students out on a variety of missions trips around the world. Four groups will be serving between May and July for varying lengths of time. 

A team of 20 will be traveling to Swaziland to work with the Luke Commission, which is a medical mission that provides valuable medical care to those in need. The group will also work with Manna Farms, a business venture on the campus of Southern Africa Nazarene University, which focuses on sustainable farming practices, the funds from which provide scholarships to theology students on the SANU campus. 

“Our intent is to ‘bridge the gap’ left by the loss of Youth in Mission, which isn't sending students out this summer. Jason Hubbard and Rhea Woodcock, in Spiritual Development, as well as Brent LaVigne, Director of the SNU Fund and Advancement Programs, have worked together masterfully to organize these amazing trips,” said SNU chaplain Blair Spindle. 

In addition to the Swaziland trip, there will be a four-week trip to Italy in June, as well as another four-week trip to Kosovo, and a six-week trip in June/July going to Brazil. 

The Kosovo trip (May 14 – June 14) is sponsored by Craig and Anita Shepperd, SNU Class of 2000. The Shepperds were missionaries to Pristina, Kosovo for a period of time following college graduation. During the trip, students will visit the cities of Pristina and Suareka while participating in coffee shop ministries and an ESL Vacation Bible School. 

Starting June 3, two SNU teams will serve in Italy for four weeks with one team going to Torino and the second to Florence and Catania. Joel Mullens, class of 1996, is a missionary to Italy and Europe and will serve as the site coordinator. While on this trip students will be involved with church outreach and the coffee shop ministry. 

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