Students Head to London for Literary Field Study

BETHANY, OK (March 12, 2013) - Next week, a group of students will be travelling to London as part of a literary field studies trip that is focused on analyzing literature through Post Colonialism. They will be visiting many landmarks and famous locations in London as well as spending some time in the cities of Bath and Oxford.

This course focuses on the time period during Queen Victoria’s reign when England was building their vast empire. The class examines the impacts of this massive expansion both in London and the places that were being colonized through literature and storytelling.

“I love travelling with students. This is my fifth literary field studies course. I enjoy reading and then being able to visit- together- the places we have been discussing. Travel is such an enriching experience, and getting to experience that alongside students is so personally and professionally rewarding for me. Whether it is taking a subway/the Tube with a student who has never used public transportation before or watching them see an iconic location for the first time, I get to experience those things anew also.” Said Michelle Bowie, Professor and trip leader.

One of the texts they looked at is Schneer’s London 1900, which discusses the impacts that building an empire had on London, from city development, to the arts and even so far as working conditions. For their final analysis essay each student will choose a country Britain colonized, analyze works from said country and draw a conclusion as to how colonization impacted both the country and it’s inhabitants. In addition to the analysis essay, students will be required to identify and document examples of empire building as well as visit some museums to find artifacts from their chosen country in British collections.

“My perspective is being broadened along with theirs. We always learn something new together when we get to immerse ourselves in another culture. It is a lot of work to both plan the trips and the course, but once we get on that plane, it is all worth it!” Said Bowie.

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