Thematic Learning Community Conduct Service Learning Project

BETHANY, Okla. (March 29, 2012) – Members of the Southern Nazarene University (SNU) Thematic Learning Community: Arts & Culture recently conducted a service-learning project for 4th grade students at Kaiser Elementary. With the help of SNU students Jordan Leibold, Katherine Crawford, Nick Tucker, and Cameron Keeton, the Learning Community designed, published, and distributed an ABC book. 
Learning communities at SNU

Working with Kaiser Elementary Principal Pam Mustain and teacher Tom Spall, SNU students assisted Spall’s students, who were each responsible for drawing and writing about a letter of the alphabet. These stories were then compiled into a book, with a cover photographed by SNU student Jessica Bowie.

On ABC book distribution day, Spall’s class collectively read the ABC book, and SNU students spent time interacting with Kaiser Elementary students. The Learning Community completed the project by presenting an SNU tee shirt to Kaiser Elementary principal and cooperating teacher.

Rosalynn Wade, Program Director at Oklahoma A+ schools, praised the project by saying, “SNU’s Learning Community is a great example of integrating, connecting and sharing curriculum at the undergraduate level. It has been wonderful for students at Kaiser Elementary, an OK A+ School, to meet and work with SNU freshmen on this lesson. Students who have created and written pages for the book are proud to read them. This is great practice for fluency. I hope that these elementary students can also imagine themselves as college students, and be inspired to work toward that goal!”

Upon the suggestion of Ms. Wade, Stephanie Crossno spoke to students in the SNU Learning Community about her experience of writing ABC books for young children.  Crossno conveyed the importance of SNU students interacting with Kaiser students when writing the ABC book. The book, Crossno stressed, was not just about education but also community.

“The SNU Learning Community Project was a great opportunity for Mr. Spall’s 4th grade class,” Principal Mustain expressed. “The student’s loved the ABC book project but especially enjoyed the fact that they would be able to work with college students.  Once the book was presented to the students and they shared their pages with the entire group, they just bubbled with excitement. Our school felt honored that SNU chose us to participate in this project.”

This SNU Learning Community Project was funded by the Kirkpatrick Foundation, which has a rich history of promoting education in Oklahoma and has supported both Southern Nazarene University’s Learning Communities and Oklahoma A+ Schools.

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