Vision & Values Team

Vision & Values Team


This task group was charged with the responsibility of drafting descriptive elaborations of each of the elements in the SNU Mission Statement (referred to as the Mission Context).  It was also charged with a similar task in regard to the list of items that had been identified previously as the Core Values.


During the 2006-2007 academic year we met and organized our work. Each member of the task group accepted responsibility for coordinating the production of the requested elaborations for two of the topics.  Each member was asked to produce a first draft of their assigned elaborations, and submit those to the task group chair. The chair in turn would put all those statements together and then circulate them to the group for evaluation and response.

The group suggested names of faculty and/or staff colleagues who could be asked to contribute their insights and expertise towards the drafting of each of the elaborations.  The intention was that these additional persons would contribute to a broadened perspective for each of the statements to be produced.  The chair of the task group coordinated the requests to these other colleagues and received the draft statements produced.

When all drafts were received, the chair then circulated them to the task group members for comment.  With those comments in hand, the chair did a first draft editing, and then circulated them to the task group members. Once that was done, then the second draft was previewed at a meeting of the entire Strategic Planning Commission.  Comments, observations and evaluations were noted and then referred to the task group again for consideration.

The chair then put together the second edited version, circulated it to the task group members, and with their approval forwarded the work to the Provost by the end of the 2006-2007 academic year.  During the summer of 2007, the Provost and the task group chair continued to edit the statements, principally for the purpose of brevity and clarity.  The resulting statements were presented to the faculty in early fall  2007. During a year of transition, the new Provost coordinated moving the mission statement forward, and after a revision initiated by the Board of Trustees, the revised the subsequently revised statement was adopted during Fall 2008 after passing both the faculty and the Board of Trustees with over 90% approval.

Steve Betts - Faculty/Music
Kimberly Campbell - Staff/Counseling
Hal Cauthron - Faculty/Religion *^
Sylvia Goodman - Faculty/Kinesiology/PE
Nancy Halliday - Faculty/Biology
Robert MacArthur - Trustee
Brad Strawn - Spiritual Development
Terry Toler - Advancement/Church Relations

*^task team chair, member of steering committee