$100,000 gift for SNU’s Equine Business program

by Eunice Trent
February 17, 2006.
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BETHANY, OK - Southern Nazarene University is the recipient of a $100,000
designated gift toward SNU’s Equine business degree program and construction of an indoor arena.

Pictured is Mike Ingram, with SNU President, Dr. Loren Gresham standing before a group of businessmen, women and students of the Equine business on Thursday, February 16, 2006. “We are in the process of fundraising for this program. This is an evolving thing,” said Gresham.

One of the members of the Equine business stated: “This is an opportunity to have a place where not only our students can benefit, but the entire United States can benefit from SNU building this arena.” Currently Colorado is the only place to send one to learn the horsemanship business as stated by another business collogue at the meeting.

The university received the $100,000 gift from former Bethany resident, Mike Ingram, who is now a developer and rancher in Arizona. He has owned a retail veterinary supply business in Bethany and has been a long time supporter of SNU.

Southern Nazarene University is currently structured for two programs; Equine Business and Ranch Management.

For further news and information on the Equine Business program and to view basic plans for the arena, visit snu.edu/equine.