Students minister in Mexico; trip serves as recruiting tool

"Successsful." That's how Dr. Howard Culbertson described this year's Commission unto Mexico trip. Attributing the success to the support staff in Monterrey, Dr. Culberton said that the trip went very well.

"In many ways it was the best trip we've ever had," said Culbertson.

The students from all over the United States poured into Monterrey in an effort to work on several work projects. One of these was a nursing home that had been under construction for three years. The students were able to finish the nursing home this trip and it was dedicated in a big party.,
"This was the high-light of the trip," Culbertson said.

Citing the fact that they had visited and worked in Monterrey before, Dr. Culbertson credited the support staff in Monterrey with making the trip a success.

"This is designed for those who have never been on a work and witness experience,” Culbertson said.

It was begun to fulfill Dr. Gresham's vision for the faculty and students to have numerous opportunities to have cross-cultural witnessing experiences.

He wanted to expand their horizons and he thought that this trip could be both a learning and motivating tool beneficial to both the students and the school.

“I enjoy trying to turn people into world Christians -- global Christians -- by giving them a hands-on experience," Culbertson said.

“However, the trip is not just for SNU students,” Culbertson explained. “It goes beyond this university because we invite people from local churches and our graduates as well.”

This was done to bring the community of Bethany closer in relationship to the university and its commitment to serving the religious, educational and emotional needs of the city.

Culbertson said he looks forward to more and more improvement in the trips with a big increase in the number of students and faculty who attend.

Calling the trip to Mexico "one of the best recruiting tools" available to SNU, Dr. Howard Culbertson explained that there are various reasons why this trip is such an effective tool. Some come because of the faculty they met, some come because of the students they met and some come because of their desire for a Christian learning environment.

Regardless of whether students come to SNU for spiritual reasons or academic reasons they all experience SNU and its commitment to a Christian atmosphere and friendly environment: the epitome of what Commission unto Mexico tries to emulate.

With the school's devotion to fulfill Dr. Gresham's dream of a cross cultural experience for SNU students and faculty, SNU will continue to go to Mexico to spread the gospel and share God's love. This will give students the opportunity to make new friends, share the gospel and witness the conversion and transformation as the people they helped come to know God in a personal and real way.

The benefits for both the school and those who attend the trip are long lasting and in many cases eternal. SNU hopes to continue to both give and receive in this capacity for many years to come. In doing so, the school hopes to attract more and more students to the love and community that is exhibited in Commission unto Mexico.