75 Fifth Graders from Tulakes Elementary to visit SNU


March 13, 2007
Contact: Tollya Spindle, Admissions Specialist
Phone: 405.491.6314
E-mail: tollya.spindle@snu.edu.

BETHANY, OK --- 75 fifth graders from Tulakes Elementary School are scheduled to visit the campus of Southern Nazarene University (SNU) at 6729 N.W. 39th Expressway in Bethany, Oklahoma on Thursday, March 15, 2007 from 9:20 am to 2:00 pm.

Tulakes Elementary School is part of the Putnam City District. The grades range from PK-5. The overall enrollment at the elementary school is 556 students.

Dr. Terry Toler, Vice President of Church Relations states, “The purpose of the 5th graders visit is to encourage these elementary students to begin thinking ahead in their lives. It is our hope that elementary students are challenged to excel in academics and work to succeed in middle school and high school to prepare for college.”

The elementary students will tour the campus with the Office of Admissions staff and meet with current SNU student athletes. The fifth graders along with the Admissions staff will be treated to a lunch in the SNU Commons building cafeteria.

Following lunch, Dr. Sharon Young, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at SNU along with university Professor Mark Winslow, will meet with the elementary students for various Science experiments and presentations.

At 1:00 pm, SNU Student Government Association leaders will meet with the fifth graders to discuss areas of student leadership.

“This will prove to be a wonderful opportunity for SNU to serve the community. Plans are in the works to make this an annual visit,” said Kendra Thomson, Director of Operations & Outreach at Southern Nazarene University.

For further information, contact Office of Admissions at Southern Nazarene University (405) 491.6324 or email admissions@snu.edu.