Basic U.S. Postal Services available

  • Postage Stamps for sale—singles or books
  • Mailing Supplies—envelopes, padded mailers, etc.
  • Mail your small packages or letters from the Commons!
  • Commons and campus receives all mail from all couriers!
    • FedEx
    • UPS
    • All others

Student Mail Address

First & Last Name
6612 NW 42nd Street
Bethany, OK 73008

**This address is the Webster Commons where the student mail is processed.

Please send all student mail to this address.  Students should use this address for all personal mail, magazines or when ordering items.

Student Mail Boxes

  • Each student living on campus is assigned a mailbox #.
  • Commuters may also request a mailbox #.
  • Each student retains the same box # throughout his/her academic career.

Package Pick Up

  • All student mail is checked in to the Commons Office for pickup.
  • Students are notified through their SNU email when they have packages or mail to pickup.
  • Student ID's are required when picking up items.
  • The only type of mail we do not check in are pre-sorted standard pieces such as coupons, non-profit, or solicitation type pieces.

Contact Information Updates

  • Should a change of address, phone number, or other contact information occur during the year, the Commons Office can receive your new information.  This includes changes that may apply to your legal home permanent address.
  • The Commons can receive and forward this new information to all offices on campus.
  • For name changes, please take a certified copy of the marriage license or other official documents to the Registrar’s Office.

Release of Information and Emergency Contact Information

Please remember to update this important information each year and as changes occur in who may access your personal, academic and financial information.

Other Commons Office Services

  • Document Notary - $2.50/5 documents
  • Please call for an appointment