Campus Weather Conditions Update

As of Friday, January 12 at 10:00 am, the following is the weather campus conditions update from Mike Brooks, Vice President of Student Development. Also, here is a link to the state road and weather conditions:

"The lights are on, the campus is open and registration is open to this point. Obviously, we will have to continue to monitor the weather/road conditions. The start of school on Monday, the 15th may or may not be impacted, depending on how the storm develops. That decision will be
made sometime this weekend, and will appear on TV stations and hopefully on the SNU website. I say hopefully because we are assuming we will still have power for our website.

Some of you were originally planning to come in over the weekend, and may now question what to do. My personal perspective is to use caution. We are assuming we will have electricity, but that may not be the case. So, if you don't have to be here until Monday, you might want to just wait and see.

Use your best judgement regarding travel. They are predicting icy conditions to develop today and into the weekend.

After consulting with Dr. Patrick Allen, Provost and Mr. Phil White, Comptroller, I want to let you know that if we do have school on Monday, and yet you are not able to make it, due to ice/travel, then any late registration fee will be waived if you are not able to arrive until after classes begin."

Mike Brooks
Vice President of Student Development

More updates will be added as we receive official word from the Provost, Patrick Allen.