Chaotic Faith: Critical Thinking and Faith Development in College Undergraduates

SNU holds that enhancing both the minds and souls of its students is a primary goal, taking initiatives to increase students' development of both critical thinking and faith.

In line with that mission, the psychology department has recently begun a longitudinal project that will attempt to examine the development of both these constructs within our students. This project will follow SNU students not only during the average four years they are here for their undergraduate degree, but will continue to examine their course of development even after graduation.

The project, "Chaotic Faith: Critical Thinking and Faith Development in College Undergraduates," began with the 2007 entering class in August and is scheduled to continue through 2016. Dr. Noel Jacobs, Associate Professor of Psychology, is acting as the primary investigator and Professor Stephanie Grant, Assistant Professor of Psychology, as co-PI of this project. Current psychology major involvement is also encouraged.

Although both critical thinking and spiritual development during the college years have been examined in the research literature, none have conceptualized the interaction of these paths and how they relate to formative college experiences and crises. Thus, this research will not only contribute to the broader body of literature, but will allow SNU to examine its own success in the lives of its students.

For more information on this research, to request updates of our progress, or to request ways to be involved in the research process as a student, please contact either Dr. Jacobs at or Professor Grant at