"Coming To Peace With Science"

Faith and Biology in Dialogue at SNU

BETHANY, OK--- Dr. Darrel R. Falk, author of Coming to Peace with Science: Bridging the Worlds between Faith and Biology, will present a free public lecture at Southern Nazarene University on Monday, April 23, at 7 p.m. in the Science Lecture Hall, room 102. The campus is located at 6729 Northwest 39th, in Bethany, Oklahoma.

“I have worked with hundreds of students over the years who have struggled with the issue of how to relate findings of science, especially biology, to their personal faith. I found that I did not have a good book to which I could refer them. There are a number of biology books written with little respect for faith, as well as books of faith written with little respect for the science of biology. But from the biological perspective there were few books that respected both the fundamental findings of biology while maintaining a firm commitment to evangelical Christianity. That is what I seek to do with Coming to Peace with Science.” says Falk.

According to the polls, the majority of Americans believe that God created the universe and scientists believe that evolution describes how life developed in the universe. Does one have to choose between faith and evolution? Must we choose belief in science or belief in God?

Darrel Falk says that his own life has been a journey to connect the truths of scripture with the truths of science. “ We must stop presenting the view that belief in the Bible creates a war between the data of modern science and biblical faithfulness,” says Falk.

Respected authorities in the science-and-religion dialogue are praising Dr. Falk’s work. Science and Theology News editor Karl Giberson writes, “Professor Falk’s Coming to Peace with Science is the most informed, thoughtful and spiritually sensitive look at ‘creation through the eyes of a biologist’ that I have ever read.

Keith Miller, a research professor at Kansas State University says, “Darrell Falk embraces and rejoices in both the biblical message and the history and processes of creation as revealed by scientific investigation.”

“Darrel Falk”, writes Calvin College physics professor Loren Haarsma, “is a skilled educator and pastoral writer. Theologically sound, scientifically accurate, understandable at the high school and early college science level, this is a superb book for evangelicals and other Christians who want to learn about the history of life that God is revealing to us in the book of his creation.”

Falk is professor of biology, associate provost, and dean of graduate studies and continuing education at Point Loma Nazarene University in Point Loma, California.
He is married to Joyce Falk, Associate Vice President of Human Resources at PLNU. The couple have two grown daughters, Cheryl and Shelley, two close friends in our sons-in law, Damian and Murray, and three delightful grandchildren, Caleb, Noah and Sara.

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For more information about the public lecture, contact SNU professor, Mark Winslow, Department of Physics at 405.491.6607 or email mwinslow@snu.edu.