Dr. Gwen Ladd Hackler, New Vice-Provost for Academic Administration at Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Gwen Ladd Hackler as Vice-Provost for Academic Administration.

This position is a twelve-month, full-time, senior academic administrative appointment reporting to Dr. Patrick Allen, University Provost, and responsible for the overall development, direction and vitality of the university educational effectiveness programs.

Dr. Hackler will serve as a member of the Deans’ Table – the senior academic leadership team, and the Provost’s Council – partnering with faculty, spiritual development, student development, and athletics in an intentional articulation and enhancement of the SNU educational experience.

Dr. Patrick Allen states, “I am extremely excited to have Gwen Ladd Hackler join our Academic Leadership Team. As we searched for the Vice-Provost, it became clear to our search committee and to me that Dr. Hackler has all the skills, knowledge and work ethic for the job. In fact, she emerged early in the process as a leading candidate and then with subsequent interviews won the position.”

There were more than 30 applicants nationwide for this new position here at Southern Nazarene University. “I am eager for Dr. Hackler to work with the other Vice-Provosts and me, because I know she will make this good place better,” said Dr. Allen.

There are two other newly appointed Vice-Provosts that have been given the “Vice-Provost” title in addition to their current Administrative Dean positions. The new academic re-organization includes Dr. Martha Banz, Vice-Provost & Dean of Arts and Sciences along with Dr. Davis Berryman, Vice-Provost & Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies.

“The Academic Administration job focuses on evaluating and continuously improving educational effectiveness, resourcing the faculty and academic support staff, and orchestrating processes that support quality academic work. Day-to-day, the job involves working closely with key academic areas across campus that support teaching and learning,” stated Dr. Hackler.

Dr. Hackler received her Ph.D. in English literature at the University of Kansas in 1983. She returned to Oklahoma City to teach at SNU in 1983. She has also served as SNU’s General Education Director and academic grantwriter.

Dr. Hackler has been actively involved with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) with the Oxford Summer Program, the CCCU Commission on Technology, and the CCCU Faith, Learning, Living Commission.

Dr. Hackler is a native of Oklahoma, born and raised in Oklahoma City. Dr. Hackler attended Putnam City High School and completed her undergraduate work in 1978 at SNU. She has been a life-long member of Bethany First Church of the Nazarene.

Her husband, Donald R. Hackler, Jr., works as an attorney for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Her father is Forrest E. Ladd, Jr. and her mother, Jean Ladd. Dr. Ladd taught as a professor at Bethany Nazarene College/Southern Nazarene University for over 40 years.

Transition into her new full-time Vice-Provost position begins this semester. She will move her office to the Bresee Administration Building, Academic Affairs office this summer.

For further information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 405.491.6304.