Dr. Lively visits mission field

Romania, Croatia, Italy. These places may seem diverse and unrelated but they now have a common bond and that bond was formed through the Nazarene Church.

Between the CCCU and Nazarene Universities, students are being sent to these areas, as well as other places in the world, as exchange students, long-term volunteers, and members of mission teams. They go as messengers of the good news, bringing hope to a lost world.

Professor Bob Lively has recently visited these students who have given their time to the mission fields and reports of their success in Christ.

His journey began at the airport here in the states and eventually he arrived in Romania where he rode the train to Sighisoara. Here he stayed for 4 days visiting with Jacy Black and Brandon Stegner as they volunteered at hospitals and finished up finals.

From there he traveled to Croatia where Jason Lipscomb and Craig and Anita Shepperd are stationed. They have organized a group bible study that meets weekly and is aimed at college age people.

"It is an unusual ministry, but Jason is good at what he does," Lively said.

The small band goes into the streets giving testimonies and engaging in personal evangelism.

After his 4-day stay in Croatia, Prof. Lively headed towards Rome. Although there are currently no students in the Rome area, the Nazarene church is working in the city. They have purchased a villa, which is a big house that holds the church services, those who need a place to stay and missionaries who are passing through or working in the area.

There have been students in the past volunteering in the Rome area but because of the lag in time, Prof. Lively met with some of the advisors, inquiring about their feelings on having student volunteers.

This trip was encouraged and funded by the Spiritual Development department in hopes of encouraging those who are on the fields right now and to stay updated on their praises and prayers.

Prof. Lively was also finding ways to improve how students are selected and sent out. Occasionally, mainly in Youth In Mission groups, a student is not prepared to be overseas and those who are able to be in these different environments are not always full prepared to meet the challenges.

The system works but there are always improvements that can be made; right now the focus is on how we prepare those going out into the world. And Professor Lively went out in the world to find out how to make these improvements.