Equestrians Break New Ground

There is a first for everything and during Spring Break of 2007 the SNU equestrian team competed for the first time at the semi-finals for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).
Early Thursday morning, during the break, four members of the equestrian team, Megan Rumbaugh, Corban Finkbeiner, Janislynn Isackson, Johannah Isackson (the cheering section), along with their coach Bill Bowen, started the 16 hour drive to Findlay, Ohio to compete in the Semi-Finals of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.
Earlier in February, the members of the team competed in a regional show in order to qualify for the semi-finals at the University of Findlay. Rumbaugh qualified in Novice Horsemanship, Corban in Intermediate Horsemanship, and Janislynn Isackson in Open Reigning and Open Horsemanship.
There were 22 schools from across the nation competing to be the top four of their class in order to move on to the National IHSA competition in Massachusetts.
The team members gave their best attempt and did an excellent job in “making a little fish known in a big pond,” and SNU on the map in the intercollegiate horse show world.
The show offered superb horses, great prizes and good competition for the exhibitors.
Finkbeiner placed 7th in Intermediate Horsemanship, and Janislynn Isackson placed 1st in Open Horsemanship and 3rd in Open Reigning
Janislynn Isackson will go on to compete in the National IHSA competition in May in both of her categories. Because she earned the title of High Point Rider for her region in an earlier competition, she will also compete in a special class along with the other regional High Point Riders.
Finkbeiner will compete for the opportunity to go on to Nationals in English events this weekend.
“Massachusetts here we come!” Janislynn said, in excitement for the competition. The other team members said that “the opportunity to compete at this level was an incredibly amazing experience,” and they are looking forward to being even more competitive in the next year.
--ECHO, Southern Nazarene University