Historical research collection given to SNU

Southern Nazarene University has received a historical research collection from J. Michael Crabtree, Assistant to the President. The collection was recently cataloged by the SNU Learning Resource Center after being donated to the university on December 1, 2002.

The diverse collection is comprised of more than 200 historical artifacts and books from the Civil War era compiled over a 20-year period by Lawrence Darby of Winston Salem, North Carolina, and his brother, as well as 78 volumes of personal research materials composed by the two brothers.

“This collection was given to me by Mr. Darby, after our family spent an afternoon with him in July of 2001. He recognized my interest in the Civil War, and wanted his collection to go to someone who not only would appreciate it, but would take care of it,” said Crabtree.

An inventory of the collection revealed an extensive assortment of over two-hundred Civil War collectibles, including biographies and autobiographies, military strategies, personal journals, maps, and historical vignettes, to name a few. Recognizing the quality of the collection, Crabtree felt it would be inappropriate to retain the collection for his personal enjoyment.

“Thus, after sharing the inventory with Jan Reinbold, LRC Director, I agreed to donate the collection for use by the SNU community, and hopefully, for Civil War enthusiasts within the greater Oklahoma City region. Mr. Darby was pleased with the decision, and excited that his books will be used for years to come,” said Crabtree.

The Lawrence Darby Civil War Research Collection will be housed in the Reference Section of the SNU library. For further information, contact Jan Reinbold, SNU Learning Resource Center Director, at 405.491.6350.