I love Commission Unto Mexico!

I love Commission Unto Mexico. One of the main reasons I enjoy this Work and Witness trip so much is the interaction that happens among the Americans and the Mexicans. Through my brothers and sisters in Mexico I am able to more fully see the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through their smiles, words of encouragement, worship, and heart for reaching their countrymen, I see Jesus.

We spent 7 days in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico: December 27 through January 3. I was a part of a 21-person group who worked at a recent church plant, Misión Betesda. We arrived on the first day to a breakfast of pastries and hot chocolate that the ladies from the congregation had prepared for us. We then played a game using our names, sang songs of praise, and joined hands to begin our work and our witness in prayer.

By the end of the week we, along with our Mexican brothers and sisters, had mixed enough concrete in the street, to pour a floor for the sanctuary, bathrooms, and an area for Sunday School classes. Others built the walls and installed plumbing for the bathrooms. Some of the Mexican men slapped plaster onto the inside walls of the sanctuary as the Americans stood in awe of their skill and precision. We had held 4 sessions of Vacation Bible School with 30-40 children from the neighborhood each time.

Another part of the community spirit I enjoy in Mexico is how the work that is done around the church brings interest and excitement to those in the neighborhood that pass by. It is beautiful to me that simply because we followed God’s leading to go to Mexico, He works through us. We show up and He works the wonders.

I was able to tune into some of the finer details of people’s lives during this trip, than in past years, because of my better skills with the Spanish language. One day, as I visited with two of the ladies from the church, in their home, I caught a glimpse of what it is that God was accomplishing in the Misión Betesda. One of the ladies commented on how good it was to see two men helping and involved in the church. (These were two men who had been mixing concrete and slapping plaster.) The other woman replied that, “Yes, it is a blessing from God that they are here.” The second woman explained to me that the men were her two sons and that since the time of their youth they had not attended church. She was so thankful to God that once again her two sons were involved in the work of the church. My prayer is that this will be the beginning of a new life for these two men. Praise God for His faithfulness to us as we obediently follow Him!