Kirkpatrick partners with SNU

Caddo potter Jereldine RedCorn workshop first in guest artist series

BETHANY, OK -- The Kirkpatrick Foundation partnered with the SNU Department of Art and Design to provide a workshop featuring Caddo potter Jereldine RedCorn. The workshop was held on Saturday, April 28, in the SNU Fine Arts building. This is the first in a new guest artist series.

Jereldine RedCorn is the last living Caddo potter, and she is passionate about preserving the heritage and art of the Caddo potters. RedCorn has been an artist in residence at the Art Institute of Chicago (2004), a Rockefeller Fellow at the Newberry Library in Chicago (2005), and a Smithsonian Community Scholar (2006). She has been commissioned this year to design two additional Caddo pots for the Smithsonian collection. RedCorn travels extensively throughout the U.S. sharing her knowledge, expertise, and Native American culture.

“Since I was very young, I have been fascinated with Native American cultures. One thing that I have never learned much about is how Native American people used to make pottery. I loved working with clay to make pottery, so it was very interesting to me to learn how the Caddo people made their pottery” said Juliann Beals, SNU student.

The workshop was divided into three sessions and included lunch in the SNU Commons for all participants. Art teachers from Bethany, Putnam City and Piedmont school districts joined SNU faculty members and students in attending the workshop. The opening session focused on RedCorn’s historical roots and relationship with Caddo pottery. The second session provided hands-on opportunity for workshop participants to make a clay pot using a coil technique. In the afternoon, RedCorn demonstrated burnishing techniques with smooth stones and etching techniques with flint – the natural tools available to the earliest Caddo potters.

SNU student Brian Davis reported that getting to see a really good coil technique truly brought him a new aspect of pottery.

This workshop is the beginning of a guest artist series that the SNU Department of Art and Design plans to offer in the years ahead. The workshops are a full-day on-campus event for area public high school art teachers and will feature a guest Oklahoma artist. Teachers will receive lesson plans and have the chance to develop some new ideas.

For further information, please contact Dr. Pam Broyles, Chair, Department of Speech Communication at 405-491-6691.