Loren Gresham receives Centennial Heritage Award

Dr. Loren Gresham, President of Southern Nazarene University (SNU) was recently awarded the Centennial Heritage Award at the West Texas District Church of the Nazarene District Assembly. The theme was in celebration of the Centennial of the Church of the Nazarene and the West Texas District. The awards were given to “outstanding individuals who have made a significant impact on The Church of the Nazarene and the West Texas District.”

“Our early founders made college level Christian education a priority and often at great financial sacrifice. They wanted trained pastors and laity. West Texas had a Bible Institute at Pilot Point and one at Buffalo Gap led by the Cagles, and Central Nazarene University was soon established at Hamlin. These colleges, along with Peniel in East Texas, were eventually merged into what is now Southern Nazarene University,” said
Dr. Charles E. Jones, District Superintendent of the Nazarene West Texas District.

“West Texas has 75 – 100 students at SNU annually. We praise God for this great Wesleyan/Holiness Center of Christian education and celebrate our continued strong connection by honoring Dr. Loren Gresham with the Centennial Heritage Award and congratulate him on 41 years of service at Southern Nazarene University as professor, coach, provost, and president of the university for the last 19 years,” said Jones.

Dr. Terry Toler, Vice President for Church Relations at Southern Nazarene University accepted the award on behalf of Dr. Gresham.

“I was surprised to hear that I had been given the Centennial Heritage Award, especially since I am not a member of the West Texas District,” said Gresham. “I feel honored to have received it.”

The Board of General Superintendents officially launched an official plan for the General Church of the Nazarene Celebration of 100 Years of Holiness. The date set is for October 5, 2008. More than 18,000 Nazarene congregations around the world will be united across space and time by sharing a common framework of scriptures, sermon, music, media and sacrament.

For information on the official plans for the 2008 Church of the Nazarene, “Centennial Celebration Celebrating 100 years of Holiness” in the Church of the Nazarene, go to nazarenecentennial.org.

For more information on the West Texas District Assembly 100-year 2008 information, go to www.westexnaz.org.