Maine church embraces Mexico trip

Maine is a long ways from McAllen, TX. However, a Nazarene church in Maine may be bringing the largest local church contingent going on this year's Commission Unto Mexico as it heads into Mexico from the parking lot of the McAllen Church of the Nazarene two days after Christmas.

Frank Smith, a member of the South Portland, ME church, has participated in the last two Commission Unto Mexico trips. Last week, he reported that his church was sending in registration forms and deposits for 25 people.

Frank learned about Commission Unto Mexico more than 3 years ago when his wife was taking a Nazarene Bible College online course in global evangelism taught by Dr. Howard Culbertson. Two years ago Frank went on the trip to Jaurez. Last year members of the Maine church made more than 100 "salvation" bracelets and packaged them with an explanation in Spanish. Frank and a couple of other people from the South Portland church were on the Monterrey trip and helped distribute those bracelets.

This isn't the longest distance that people have come to participate in Commission Unto Mexico. One year a family flew in from Hawaii to go on this New Year's holiday mission experience. However, the group from Maine will be the largest group to have come from such a distance.

The majority of Commission Unto Mexico participants come from Texas or states adjoining it. This group from Maine will have to cross about 10 states just to get to the assembly point in south Texas.

Commission Unto Mexico, December 27 to January 3, is a Nazarene Work & Witness trip during which participants will do construction work and help run VBS-type outreach ministries to children. Doctors and nurses from the U.S. will also run medical clinics at two or three sites.

Though much of the organizational work for Commission Unto Mexico is done through Southern Nazarene University, it is open to anyone. Additional trip information is available at: