Messengers meet Snyder Walters

Trip to Southwestern Oklahoma

The Messengers traveled to southwestern Oklahoma on Nov. 16 to join two Nazarene churches in worship.

Nearly twenty-five members of Messengers, the heir to the Mission Crusaders and Gospel Team legacy, provided the morning services for Walters, OK Church of the Nazarene. Students sacked out in the church Saturday night, then began Sunday morning services with worship and a pair of dramatic skits directed by Autumn Hamiter.

SNU senior Josh Lindley performed double duty by playing piano for worship and following that act by preaching the sermon on the theme of looking to Christ while reaching out to others. The congregation lovingly provided a brisket lunch for the students following the service.

That afternoon, the team migrated north and west of Lawton to Snyder, OK Church of the Nazarene where Messengers provided the Sunday evening services. Bert Cutsinger provided the sermon.

Messengers would like to give hearty thanks to the truly gracious congregations in Snyder and Walters who allowed us to serve them and were served by them.

The next tour for Messengers is yet to be determined. If your congregation would enjoy hosting the Messengers, please view our page at for contact information, and keep up to date with the Messengers!