Mission Opportunities Abound at SNU

The twelfth annual Commission Unto Mexico was held this year in Juarez, Mexico. While 130 people registered, only 70 attended due to bad weather. Out of the 70 participants, six were SNU students.

“This trip serves as a symbol of Dr. Gresham’s dream that, as a school, we become service and globally oriented,” Dr. Howard Culbertson, director of missions at SNU, said.

Volunteers divided into groups -- such as medical, vacation bible school ministries, construction, and bible quizzing -- that went to different sites located all over the city. Because of the shortage in work force caused by the ice and snow, some of the sites where ministries had been planned could not be covered this year.

Not only did this event serve as an original and life changing family work and witness trip, it is also used as a recruiting tool for SNU. Nearly all high school students who have attended Commission Unto Mexico in the past later became SNU students.

Next year’s trip, titled “Finish the Job,” will occur December 26 through January 2 and will cost $439. Students who have gone on past trips says that the rewards are definitely worth the price.

“Commission Unto Mexico will be the New Year’s party of your life,” Culbertson said.

Recently another mission program, Youth in Mission, formed teams of college students to provide mission work across the world this summer. Acceptance letters were sent out over the holiday break with 30 SNU students being notified of their summer destinations.

In October, recruiters from the YIM program came to SNU and interviewed 100 students for different mission positions. Many applications were also completed online. The sites available range from Slovenia to Africa.

Troy Neal, accepted into India team, said, “I’m going into this expecting to open my eyes to a place that has needs far greater than our country.”

Training begins June 1, 2001 with one week in Pasadena, California. Then begins the six-week stay at each individual’s particular site.

SNU is known for having the highest number of applicants and participants in the Youth in Mission program. This life-changing trip will be the highlight of many SNU students’ summer.

“I’m very excited to have this opportunity,” said SNU junior Joel Thomas.

For more information on Commission Unto Mexico, go to: www.snu.edu/mexico

For more information on Youth in Mission, go to: www.snu.edu/yim