National U.S. Constitution Day

Ppportunities available to SNU students on this coming Monday, September 17th that has been established by Congress as National Constitution Day and colleges and universities across the nation will be providing some type of educational programs related to the U.S. Constitution on that day to celebrate that heritage and how it shapes our freedoms today.

Drop by and participate in one of these opportunities.

1. There will be a national webcast, sponsored by Seton Hall University's School of Law entitled "Interrogation as a Means of Intelligence Gathering". The focus centers on issues coming out of challenges to national security due to the threat of terrorism and how they relate to the U.S. Constitution. This webcast will be shown on campus on Monday afternoon, from 12:30-4:30 in the Heritage Room in the Webster Commons. There are several sessions/components to this, so feel free to drop in and take in some of this that may interest you. You don't have to stay for all of it. We will be having refreshments. Here are some of the scheduled topics.

12:45-1- FBI Interrogation Seeking (Retired FBI Counter Terrorism Expert presents)
1-1:45 - Torture and Criminal Justice (Law professor presents)
1:45-2:30 - How International Law is part of the US Constitution (panel of law professors)
2:30-2"45 - Relationship between Justice and Interrogation (Professor of Law and Retired Naval Commander presents topic)
2:45-3:30- International Obligations and Interrogation (panel presentation)
3:30-3:45- National Security Interrogation Techniques: Guantanamo and Beyond (Retired FBI Counter Terrorism Expert)
3:45-4:30- National Security Interrrogation Techniques: Guantanmo and Beyond (Panel discussion with legal experts)

2. Test your Constitution IQ. Drop by the designated table in the Commons on Monday and take a 5 minute, 10 question quiz about the U.S. Constitution. Participants will receive a small gift for participating in this educational quiz. You can take the quiz during the 10 a.m hour, or at lunch between 1-2 p.m.

3. Next week will be a voter registration drive. Aaron Webster, SNU will be coordinating this effort. Look for info, if you want to register to vote in the upcoming primaries.

Feel free to particpate as your schedule permits. If you have questions, contact Student Development.