New Art and Design Department

(Bethany, OK)---Graphic design majors at Southern Nazarene University will begin their design classes in August in just-opened facilities in the Fine Arts building on campus. Three classrooms, two offices and a reception area with art gallery have been created in the building.

The Art and Design Department was created in 2003-04 and the first four majors graduated in May 2007. While the classrooms and offices were being built, the department classes were held in the former art classroom in Fine Arts and in Herrick.

Marcia M. Feisal will serve as department chair for the art and design department. Feisal, communication professor, has been teaching at SNU since 1990 and serves as the faculty adviser to the student yearbook, The Arrow. Feisal teaches mass communication and speech communication courses and has a master of art in communication from SNU, additional master of art hours in journalism and a bachelor of science in journalism education from the University of Oklahoma. She is currently the faculty sponsor for the Class of 2010. This school year will be her twenty-seventh year in education.

Whitney Porch will serve as a professional in residence for the 2007-08 school year. Jessica Schnebel has been hired as an adjunct for the fall semester and will teach Drawing I and History of Art and Design.

Porch will be teaching Design I, Vector and Raster I, Color Visual Language and will oversee the Portfolio Practicum component of the major. Prof. Porch earned a master of fine arts in graphic design from the University of Notre Dame while on a full tuition scholarship and has a bachelor of fine arts with distinction in visual communication from the University of Oklahoma.

Schnebel has a master of fine art in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design and a bachelor of fine art in painting from the University of Kansas.

An Open House for the Art and Design Department has been planned for Friday, Oct. 5 from 2-5:30 p.m.. The Nila Murrow Gallery will be dedicated during the event in honor of retired SNU art professor Nila Murrow. Former art majors, alumni, the SNU community and the public are invited. The department offices and gallery are located in Room 142 in the Fine Arts Building.

For more information about the graphic design major or the Art and Design Department, contact Marcia M. Feisal at 405-491-6631 or